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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Umm...about women's day. a special day. Right?
What did I do that day? I boarded a bus..ouch!
some guy pinched the piece of flesh on...under..
anyway, let it go. I boarded a train. Touches of hawkers,
caresses of daily passengers...and the comments...
as I read the emotionally charged articles of newspapers.
About the oppressions, the submission and the inactivity
of the society in general. Who are the society, pray?
The poor hawkers barely eking out a living, the middle-
class daily passengers-the Bhadralok-gentoo class...
and I read about Aruna, tried to be sympathetic to Pinki
Virani.The same newspapers that publish the 'sensitive'
articles about  the many woes of women today, peddles
shamelessly in the same breath the bodies...in many avatars..
backless, frontless, bottomless..skins, in short.


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